The Brand Strategist’s Guide to Desire: How to give consumers what they actually want

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And it has become increasingly challenging for marketers to create relevant, targeted, and beautiful marketing campaigns designed to deliver unmatched digital experiences to customers. So how do we, as digital experts, cut through all the noise and build relevant experiences for each and every customer?

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Well, the answer is simple in theory, but more difficult than you would think without the proper advanced personalization. After all, every customer needs to be treated in a distinct and unique way. To start, you need a holistic understanding of customer behavior, a single customer view — cross-channel, cross-device, online, and offline. Unfortunately, many marketers lack the capabilities to stitch together these behaviors, and their marketing campaigns suffer as a result.

Previously, she launched the personal insurance team at NerdWallet, and helped create an innovative brokerage comparison product. To give users the simplest possible route to reaching a complete solution. This seems clear, but has a couple core components which can be easy to push aside. Second, take the time to really plan out what a user needs to do before reaching a solution. Can you avoid several questions by referencing a public data source?

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Can you make intermediary steps, like logging in, optional or push them to be post-completion? By collecting data on user behavior and dropoff points, it will help as you iterate to improve your digital experience. Daniel is passionate about business growth using all digital marketing channels. With qualifications in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Daniel is always looking for innovative ways to communicate with customers and provide value. Whether that be though social media, search marketing, content marketing or paid traffic Daniel knows the important thing is whether the channel is effective at driving sales.

Your digital presence needs to be in all areas — social, website, app if appropriate, and mentions in sites related to your niche. To build a create digital experience on each platform, you simply need to follow the guidelines set out by each platform. This is a good strategy as Google want to deliver the best results for each search. For example:.

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Google knows what users want in a website, so just following these principles will get you a result that will lead to a great customer experience. Again, Facebook knows what their users want. So following these best practices lead to a great customer experience on Facebook. Companies should remember that consistency creates loyalty. By this, I mean email, phone, social media, live chat, and any other communication channel.

For example, if a customer is communicating with a live chat representative today, but is forced to repeat all the information they provided via email the day before, this damages the digital experience.

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Streamline customer communication with a versatile CRM, and you will build a successful digital experience. Brandon Welch, PhD, is the owner of Doxy. And one of the best ways to do that is by utilizing tools that gather opinions.

Instead of waiting for customers to tell you how they feel, businesses need to be proactive in measuring just how well they meet digital expectations by reaching out and asking digital consumers directly. This can be done efficiently with digital survey tools like Zendesk or SurveyMonkey. To establish user needs and cross check those with the business requirements. By knowing the user needs first and then reviewing them against your business requirements you will be able to pick and choose to build the highest value items with the lowest cost based on your business.

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This prevents the business from bending over backwards to fulfill certain needs, but able to fulfill needs with high quality that are easily obtainable. Zack is currently CEO and co-founder of Aurelius , a product strategy platform to help you build the right products and features for your business and its customers. He was an early contributor to several startups such as ModCloth. Goals, research insights, smart decisions and a way to measure them. Start by setting goals for your product and experience. These should clearly tie up to overall business goals or objectives as well. Having clear product and experience goals give you confidence that your experience will support top line business initiatives, but also create a definition for what a good design or product decision is later.

Next, do user research with your customers to understand how you can meet this goal and deliver that experience for them. Doing user research with your customers is the only way to ensure you are closer to solving the right problems for your business and its customers. Now you can make smart decisions, informed by your research insights that best align to the well defined goals for your product and experience that you should have outlined. This can include hard metrics like analytics, but just as importantly, it can and should include additional qualitative measures such as customer service feedback, interviews and surveys.

He oversees the digital marketing strategy for enterprise clients, ensuring effective execution and accurate analysis of marketing campaigns. Kevin has over 14 years of digital marketing experience. The true sign of a successful strategy is speaking to the right person segment , at the right time technology , and with the right message content.

Use technology and data such as personalization to remind your customers how great they are, and how lucky you are to be communicating with them.

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All are great strategies that are really dependent on what is the core strength of your brand. Social Fish defines market orientation as follows:. The purpose-led would be one of the types of story-led brands. As the brand matures and moves towards being more loved, challenge the brand to drive an emotional connection to help evolve and grow. Sure the purpose drove the internal pursuit of new products.

Yuliya is part of the marketing team at Enplug , a cutting-edge SaaS that interactively blends technology, entertainment, and information into any TV display. Engaging digital signage experience. Start by placing a number of HD screens in high-traffic, visible areas around your venue: behind check-out counters, next to fitting rooms, inside window displays, and next to elevators see this guide for more ideas on where to place screens in specific locations for greatest impact.

Any location visitors tend to loiter embody good pit-stops for digital signage. Next, install a cloud-hosted software solution like Enplug to entertain, engage, and inform your customers.

How to give consumers what they actually want

You can choose to display a rotating or scheduling cache of digital content, or pull posts from your social media feeds to enhance real-time customer engagement. Guests can use a specific internal hashtag to instantly see their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook posts appear in real-time on screens inside your venue. Video wall installations, touch screens, and 4K resolution displays will further complement and enhance a great in-store digital experience.

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He is an MBA graduate with work experience in the U. Swapnil has worked for more than a decade across a range of businesses for the global markets.

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The attention spans of customers are shorter and thus the engagement should be simple with clear expectations from customers which is easy for them to understand. The page should provide the experience that customers are looking for in an effortless manner. Many times, a properly designed website for mobile may make the requirement of an additional mobile app unnecessary, and this helps companies to concentrate on the website experience of the users.

He worked for 10 years at Google, leading technical teams servicing tens and hundreds of millions of active users of Google Chrome, Google Toolbar and Google Desktop.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

The Brand Strategist's Guide to Desire: How to give consumers what they actually want [A. Simpson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most brands try to appeal what consumers think they The Brand Strategist's Guide to Desire: How to give consumers what they actually want. Other editions.

He was also a Co-founder or early C-level employee of several startups. Have things flow smoothly from the digital world to the real world. If you deliver physical products, make it easy for them to go from the physical packaging back to a relevant page on your website where they can manage their order, easily initiate returns and so forth. Take a page from Amazon. Less than two minutes is ideal. Overall, give your customer one seamless experience, where everything works well, not just the digital parts. Providing prospective customers with value before they have committed to buying your product or service.

For example, this could include offering a free e-book or consultation to visitors to your website. This strategy provides potential customers with a small taste of what you offer so they can make the best purchasing decision. If you want to create the ultimate digital experience, you have to really commit. Simplicity is the key to a great experience; you might even want to use the old K.

Optimizing your website for quick loading times and a smooth, clear user experience. Make sure your website is optimized for fast loading under 2 seconds is prime and ensure all aspects of your site are responsive and mobile-friendly. Optimizing your website for speed and responsiveness will include eliminating bloated plug-ins, optimizing your code, and compressing large images. Charlie is the CEO of Synergixx.

9 skills every social media manager must have

To make sure your content is clear and distinct but keeps a common voice throughout all media channels. Between your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Pinterest, the key is to make the content seem distinct but remain linked to the core message.

The challenge is many companies believe they can repurpose content that already exists without customization and use it across a variety of channels. Consumers see this as inauthentic, which curbs growth and therefore decreases traffic. Additionally, companies often ask others to lend their voices to their service or product. This is an effective way to keep content fresh and unique.

I work with companies to align their social media efforts with their television, radio, and print efforts. Emerson Taymor is the founder of Philosophie , a boutique software consulting company that helps companies build better software, faster. Talk to your end users every week.

Digital experiences are ultimately built for the people who will use them on a day-to-day basis. While any product person may have many amazing ideas, the only way to know what ideas will resonate is by talking to your users frequently. Ship often and get real feedback. Talking to people a week will give you more insights then 10,s of analytics or metrics.