Temporary Measures

Temporary Measures
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The parties will be summoned to trial.

The previous measures will have no effect if no suit for separation is filed within 30 days since the judge determined them. If the parties do not reach an agreement when they are summoned to trial, the judge will determine what he considers fit according with the circumstances of the case.

President Barack Obama says he supports temporary measures to keep transportation aid flowing to the

The court decision cannot be appealed. The final sentence will contain any definitive measures, thereby terminating any simultaneous measures.

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Temporary measure synonyms. Top synonym for temporary measure (other word for temporary measure) is stopgap measure. Find 21 synonyms for "temporary measure" and other similar words that you can use instead based on 2 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

What is a legacy? Temporary Measures.

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General information Contents of temporary measures Effects of temporary measures Previous measures Simultaneous measures. It focuses on Gaziantep and Hatay in the southeast of Turkey as most refugees live there.

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Limited is defined as: confined within limits Why am I looking up the word temporary on this rainy April morning? President Bush's action falls within the World Trade Organization agreement that lets nations take temporary measures to keep their domestic industries competitive. You can also specify your name and e-mail so that the administrator can clarify the incomprehensible moments. Or a candle that becomes extinguished because the wax has waned, not because of heavy wind. Check out these antonyms opposites of temporary : limitless, endless, indefinite, ongoing, unlimited, long-term, permanent The Great War aka WWI was expensive, sure. Get new jobs for this search by email. Jui Walimbe rated it it was ok Jun 17,

The number of beneficiaries is not an indicator of the quality of programmes. Short-term measures that try to reach large number of people, such as cash assistance, create dependency and cannot enhance sustainable livelihoods.

Ontario Introduces Additional Temporary Measures to Protect Animals

If applied, they need to be embedded within long-term approaches. Different livelihood programmes, from vocational trainings to work programmes, should thus build on, rather than compete with, each other as well as take into account the existing skills of refugees. Job opportunity is one of the main reasons, next to security and social ties, why people move to the southeast of Turkey.

This suggests that incentives for employers to hire refugees should be increased. If communities, ski resorts or transport routes are exposed to an acute danger of avalanches, the local safety authorities can issue warnings and order closures and evacuations.

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Based on the current weather and avalanche situation, they assess the likely size and probability of an avalanche release, and take appropriate action in accordance with the findings. Safety policy documents outline the relevant workflows for assessing the current avalanche situation, implementing closures, and for documentation requirements, among other aspects. Alarm systems are capable of detecting an advancing avalanche directly by way of radar or geophones and, in case of an imminent danger, automatically closing a transport route.

The authorities also produce intervention maps based on existing danger maps.

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  • City of Harare moves to employ temporary measures to improve water supply.